ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

Current Issue:
VOLUME 6, ISSUE 10, October - 2018

Title : An Overview of Appletalk
Author :   Arockia Panimalar. S, Yugashini. J
Country : India

Title : Quality of Work Life and Emerging Issues of Workplace Trends
Author :   Dr. Zartaj Kasmi, Sameen Quadri
Country : India

Title : Rural Investors Awareness on Various Investment Avenues
Author :   S. Amsaveni, Dr. S. Vasantha
Country : India

Title : Students Awareness towards Factors Consider By Bank for Sanctioning Education Loan
Author :   N. Sivakumar, Dr. S. Vasantha
Country : India

Title : Role of Women SHGs' Bank Linkage in Contexts of Women Empowerment- A Study Outlined in Special Reference to Kheda District of Gujarat
Author :   Jeniskumar P. Chauhan
Country : India

Title : Consumer Attitude and Satisfaction towards Organic Food: A Quantitative Study
Author :   S. Thangamani, Dr. S. Vasantha
Country : India

Title : Botnets: A constant threat to Cyberspace
Author :   Jimut Bahan Pal, Dr. Asoke Nath
Country : India

Title : Use of Facial Recogntion for Authorizing Transcations made through Automated Teller Machines
Author :   Deep Kumar Ganguly, Dr. Asoke Nath
Country : India

Title : DNA Cryptography: A Novel Approach for Data Security Using Genetic Algorithm
Author :   Madhvi Popli
Country : India

Title : Connectivity and IoT: Choosing right channel is necessary!
Author :   Biswaranjan Sethi, Shreya Solanke
Country : India

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