ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 6, ISSUE 4, April - 2018

Title : Quantitative Risk Analysis and Research of Gas Stations
Author :   WANG Qi-quan
Country : China

Title : An Empirical Study on Single, Multi and Complex Agent
Author :   Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty, Manas Ranjan Mohapatra
Country : India

Title : Employee's Basic Rights and Responsibilities in Indian Organisations
Author :   N. Bhanu Prakash, Dr. Gandham Sri Rama Krishna, Dr. N. G. S. Prasad
Country : India

Title : IoT: Modelling a better Society
Author :   Biswaranjan Sethi, Shreya Solanke
Country : India

Title : A Novel Research in Feature Extraction using Texture and Shape for Content Based Image Retrieval
Author :   S. Sadhana
Country : India

Title : Purchasing Practices and Its Challenges in the Case of Bahir Dar Textile Share Company (Btsc)
Author :   Girmay Tesfay
Country : Ethiopia

Title : Consumer Purchase Intentions towards Smartphone: A Factorial Study
Author :   Rinky Trivedi, Dr. Rahul Raval
Country : India

Title : Design and Implementation of Adaptive LMS Filtering Algorithm for Noise Cancellation on FPGA
Author :   T. Reddy Rani, T. Naresh, N. Kusuma
Country : India

Title : Research on Evaluation of a Scientific Institution Internal Control Based on Hierarchical Correlation Degree Method
Author :   WANG Li
Country : China

Title : Survey Paper on Clustering Techniques of Data Mining
Author :   Bhoomika Batra, Shilpa Sethi, Dr. Ashutosh Dixit
Country : India

Title : Real-time Communication Application Based on Android Using Google Firebase
Author :   Nilanjan Chatterjee, Souvik Chakraborty, Aakash Decosta, Dr. Asoke Nath
Country : India

Title : Profitability Analysis of Tata Group of Companies
Author :   Dr. P. Bruntha, J. Madhubala
Country : India

Title : Consumer Level of Impact and Satisfaction towards Mobile Applications
Author :   Dr. P. Bruntha, B. Sivakavin
Country : India

Title : Detection of Alzheimer's disease using Machine Learning: A Review
Author :   Ajay Talele, Vijay Gaikwad, Shubham Shukla, Harshal Patil
Country : India

Title : Challenges to Identifying and Nurturing Talent
Author :   Raji Kaur
Country : India

Title : Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm using DNA Sequence
Author :   Dr. Asoke Nath, Abedin Dodia
Country : India

Title : Design of Intelligent Tool for Learner Emotion Recognition in e-learning context
Author :   Salma Boumiza, Dr. Dalila Souilem, Alexander Bekiarski
Country : Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia

Title : Plant Leaf Disease Prediction and Solution using Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm
Author :   K. Sasi, P. Radhiga, K. Chandraprabha
Country : India

Title : Growth and Development of Handicrafts in India: A Case Study of Crochet Lace Industry in Andhra Pradesh
Author :   Dr. B. Amaranatha Reddy, Prof. M. Venkateswarlu, Dr. K. Sankara Rao
Country : India

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