ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 6, ISSUE 3, March - 2018

Title : A Study on Consumer Preference on Insurance Companies in Tiruchirappalli District
Author :   Dr. G. Umapathy
Country : India

Title : An Analytical Study of Human Resource Management Practices and Its Influence on Employees Satisfaction
Author :   Laxmi Rajak, Dr. Kushendra Mishra
Country : India

Title : Changing Face of Advertising in India
Author :   Richu M. Juneja
Country : India

Title : A Study on Consumer Satisfaction towards Online Shopping in Electronic Items - With Special Reference to Pollachi Taluk
Author :   Dr. M. Deepa, J. Suganya
Country : India

Title : A Review on AES Cryptosystem for Secure Online Purchase
Author :   K. Devika Rani Dhivya, A. Poojitha Shree
Country : India

Title : GST Awareness on Purchasing Gold Jewellery in Polachi Taluk
Author :   M. Gayathri, R. Vidwakalyani
Country : India

Title : Gender Differences in Academic Stres among Engineering Students in Final Year of Education
Author :   S. Sharmila
Country : India

Title : Work-Family Conflict and Its Association with organizational commitment and Satisfaction among Women Professionals
Author :   S. Saranya
Country : India

Title : Job Satisfaction of Arts and Science College Teachers
Author :   Dr. R. Gopi, D. P. Jeevabharathi
Country : India

Title : Casual Video Games: Stress Management Technique in Women
Author :   Khatoon Aftab Kathawala, Dr. Vivek Chaplot, Dr. Rajesh Soni
Country : India

Title : The Role of Psychology and Its Impact on Tourist Vacation Satisfaction- An Analysis of Perma Model
Author :   Abha B. Kalaiya, Dr. A. Kumar
Country : India

Title : The Impact of Digitalization on Business Communication
Author :   Vikas Vij
Country : India

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