ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 6, ISSUE 11, November - 2018

Title : Goods and Service Tax and Its Impact on Entrepreneurs and Customers
Author :   Sudhamsetti Naveen, Prasadarao Yenugula
Country : India

Title : Steganography on Color Image Using Different levels Of DWT Algorithm
Author :   Suvarna Patil, Chandrama Wasvand, Pradnya Randive
Country : India

Title : A Recent Survey Level-II on Facial Expression Recognition using Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
Author :   K Pandikumar, Dr. K. Senthamil Selvan, Dr. B Sowmya
Country : India

Title : The implementation of ICT in Moroccan SMEs: Case of Tangier - Tetouan and Alhouceima
Author :   AHAROUAY Soumaya
Country : Morocco

Title : Improve Face Recognition Rate in C# by using Different Image Pre-Processing Techniques
Author :   Unnati A. Patel, Dr. Swaminarayan Priya R
Country : India

Title : Deep Web Harvesting Using SmartCrawler
Author :   Anita Vittal Kodam, Prof. V. V. Pottigar, Prof. A. V. Mophare
Country : India

Title : Constraints of 3C Application for Packet Encryption
Author :   Prof. Harshika Rana, Dr. Vishal Dahiya
Country : India

Title : Impact of Systematic Risk on Equity Stocks in Indian Stock Market
Author :   S. Chandrasekhar, Dr. B. M Raja Sekhar
Country : India

Title : Employee Satisfaction with Training and Development Practices: A Comparative Study between Private and Public Sector Manufacturing Units in Allahabad
Author :   Dr. Pooja Jaiswal
Country : India

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