ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 11, ISSUE 11, November - 2023

A Theoretical Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Workplace Bullying

Author(s) :   Kirti1, Manisha2

Abstract : Even with all of the research that has been done on risk assessment, prevention, and safety procedures that businesses follow, bullying at work is still a difficult issue for businesses today. This essay attempts to give readers a basic grasp of the types of workplace bullying that occur in organizations. The substantial empirical research on workplace bullying that has been done is reviewed and summarized in this study. We have divided workplace bullying into three groups in this review paper: physical, personal, and work-related bullying. Bullying behaviors harm not just the victims but also the organization and society as a whole. We have made an effort to create a conceptual model that illustrates the findings from the literature in a comparable way.

Keywords: Organizational Effects, Workplace Bullying.

DOI : 10.61161/ijarcsms.v11i11.4

Pages : 26-33

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