ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

A Conference Sponsored by The International Association for Scientific Research & Engineering Technology (IASRET)
Date of Conference: 15th November 2014
Venue of Conference: Tirupati

Title : A Comprehensive Study on Sequence-based Classifiers for Facial Expression Recognition
Author :   J.Suneetha, Dr. K.Sandhyarani
Country : India

Title : Mining web Graphs for Endorsement
Author :   Veluru Gowri
Country : India

Title : Anonymous Authentication for Decentralized Access Control of Cloud data
Author :   Hemalatha, V. Balaji, P. Nirupama
Country : India

Title : A New Method of Query Evaluation in Probabilistic Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author :   M.Lokesh, Rajendran Rahul, A.Sathish
Country : India

Title : Classifying Penaeid Prawns Species using Canny and Otsu
Author :   Raju Anitha, S.Jyothi, D.M.Mamatha
Country : India

Title : SI-index: A New Access Method for Conventional Spatial Queries
Author :   Gali Dhanuja, S. Hrushikesava Raju, P. Nirupama
Country : India

Title : VCPROFILE: A Novel Framework for Privacy Preserving in Geosocial Networks
Author :   Monika Chilluru, B. Ravindra Naick, P. Nirupama
Country : India

Title : A New Way of Communication in Data-Intensive Wireless Sensor Networks
Author :   N Saikiran, G Ravikumar
Country : India

Title : A New Service Finding Loom On Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Network
Author :   D.Sreenivasulu, P.Balaji
Country : India

Title : Providing Efficient and Secure Data Transmission in CWSNs
Author :   M.C. Swathi, A. Dhasaradhi, P. Nirupama
Country : India

Title : RPMAC: A Novel Receiver Pivotal MAC Protocol Event Driven Wireless Sensor Networks
Author :   Kancherla Vindhya, P.Ramesh Babu, P. Nirupama
Country : India

Title : An Efficient Supervised Document Clustering Approach Using Seeds Affinity Propagation
Author :   P.Yogendra Prasad, J.Naga Muneiah
Country : India

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