ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 9, September - 2017

Title : A Study on Working Women Investing on Gold Ornaments rather than Gold Bonds
Author :   Dr. Veerta Tantia, Gautam N, A M Nithish Thammaiah
Country : India

Title : A Study of Consumer Behaviour and Preferences towards E- tailing
Author :   Dr. Shefali Tiwari, Dr. Shraddha Sharma
Country : India

Title : Nature Inspired Algorithms: A Survey of the State of the Art
Author :   Apoorva Mishra
Country : India

Title : Financial Literacy in the Second Trajectory Phase of Financial Inclusion Plan under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
Author :   Dr. Manjula. R. Iyer, Kripa Jose
Country : India

Title : Review on caption localization and retrieval in images and video
Author :   Renuka Ganesh Sitafale, Prof. A. U. Chhajed
Country : India

Title : Estimating the Performance of CSS Cognitive Radio Networks by Detection and Elimination of an Attacker
Author :   Rajesh D. Kadu, Dr. Pravin P. Karde, Dr. V. M. Thakare
Country : India

Title : A Study on Problems & Prospects of Option Traders in India: With Reference to Stock options traded in National Stock Exchange
Author :   Shalini H S, Dr. R. Duraipandian
Country : India

Title : Order Reduction of MIMO System using Modified Cauer Form and Factor Division Method
Author :   Harshita Mittal, Dr. Jasvir Singh Rana, R. P Agarwal
Country : India

Title : A Study to Analyse the Impact of Diverse Input Mix on Output (Exports) Generated By SEZs in India: A Case of Noida SEZ
Author :   Babita
Country : India

Title : Marketing by Non-Profit Organizations
Author :   Dr. Payush
Country : India

Title : Talent Management: A Review of Literature
Author :   Deepika
Country : India

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