ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4, September - 2013

Title : A System for Dissecting the video for Tracing Multiple Humans in Multifaceted Situation
Author : Dr. M. Hemalatha, S. Kavitha
Country : India

Title : An Analytical Study of Occupational Stress Level among the Employees in EID Parry (INDIA) Ltd: Pettavaithalai
Authors : Dr. T. Joseph Rex, M. Nirmal
Country : India

Title : Advances in Parallel Computing from the Past to the Future
Authors : D. Vijaya Krishna, Dr. P. Sammulal
Country : India

Title : Decision Support System (DSS) for Capacity Planning: A Case Study
Authors : Jawahar Babu A, Raja Gopal K
Country : India

Title : Polygon Clipping - An Approach to Simplified Clipping Techniques
Authors : Prabhjyot Kaur Haryal
Country : India

Title : A Study on Consumer Behavior of Aavin Milk in Bhel Township: Trichy
Authors : C. Jothi Mary
Country : India

Title : Utilization of Framework for Wireless Service Providers in Hybrid Access
Authors : M. A. Archana, Dinesh Kumar. T, Dr. C. Parthasarathy
Country : India

Title : A Study on Quality of Work Life of Employees at Jeppiaar Cement Private Ltd: Perambalur
Authors : S. Jerome
Country : India

Title : Efficient Indexing Technique Using Bitmap Indices for Data Warehouses
Authors : Nikhil Dasharath Karande
Country : India

Title : Visual Cryptography Schemes using Compressed Random Shares
Authors : L. N. Pandey, Neeraj Shukla
Country : India

Title : Performance Improving LSB Audio Steganography Technique
Authors : Burate D. J, M. R. Dixit
Country : India

Title : On the Limitation of Embedding Cryptographic Signature at Physical Layer for Primary Transmitter Authentication
Authors : Saranya
Country : India

Title : A Survey: Fundamental of EEG
Authors : Shamla Mantri, Vidya Dukare, Smita Yeole, Dipti Patil, V. M. Wadhai
Country : India

Title : Classifying Mood Disordered Patients and Normal Subject Using Various Machine Learning Techniques
Authors : Shamla Mantri, Prajakta Chavan, Priyanka Kadam, Dipti Patil, V. M. Wadhai
Country : India

Title : NFC: an overview
Authors : Sashi Suman
Country : India

Title : Performance Improvement in Smart Antenna by Hybrid Algorithm
Authors : A. V. L. Narayana Rao, Dr. Dharma Raj Cheruku
Country : India

Title : Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Retail Sector
Authors : Preeti Jain
Country : India

Title : Human Resource Management Strategies and Challanges In IT Industry
Authors : Mohan Sawade, Dr. Ram O. Panchariya
Country : India

Title : Shopping with Friends and Youth’s Susceptibility to Peer Influence: With Reference to Indian Retail Shopping
Authors : Dr. Mohit Verma, Dr. R. K. Maheshwari, Dr. S.A. Jamil
Country : UAE, India, Oman

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