ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5, October - 2013

Title :      An Empirical Study of Economic Reforms and Environmental Hazards in India
Author :   Dr. Manminder Singh Saluja
Country : India

Title :      Predicting Performance in Pair Programming using Programmer Ranker Algorithm
Author :   Manisha Giri
Country : India

Title :      Towards a Sustainable E-Agriculture in Tanzania
Author :   Devotha Nyambo Godfrey, Gladness Mwanga George
Country : Tanzania

Title :      Study of Competency and Leadership Style in Indian Public Sector: A Case Study
Author :   Dr. Shine David, Anuja Mehta
Country : India

Title :      Study of employees Perception about Communication Processes in Indian Cooperative Society: A Case Study
Author :   Dr. Shine David, Manju Singh
Country : India

Title :      Efficient Database Indexing Using P+ Tree and R* Tree indexing
Author :   Nikhil Dasharath Karande
Country : India

Title :      Cloud Computing Security and Encryption
Author :   Varsha Alangar
Country : India

Title :      A Comparative Study of Different Software Development Life Cycle Models in Different Scenarios
Author :   Apoorva Mishra, Deepty Dubey
Country : India

Title :      Search Results Clustering: Comparison of Lingo and K-Means
Author :   Sri Shilpa Padmanabhuni, Hima Bindu T
Country : India

Title :      Automatic Retail System Using RFID
Author :   Dr. P. Muthu Kannan, Anupriya Asthana
Country : India

Title :      Fault Detection and Isolation Method in Decentralized Kalman Filter
Author :   J. Narendra Babu
Country : India

Title :      Performance Analysis of Converters using Solar Powered Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Algorithms
Author :   C. Thulasiyammal, S. Sutha, R. Renuga
Country : India

Title :      A Study of Empirical Prediction of Defect
Author :   Raghvendra Omprakash Singh, Rohit S.Kulkarni, Aryan Chandrpal Singh
Country : India

Title :      Tailoring Measurement and Virtual Try-on
Author :   Honey Gandhi, Moulik Jain, Ayesha Butalia
Country : India

Title :      Hybrid Digital Video Watermarking based on DWT-PCA
Author :   K. S. Karpe, Dr. S. K. Shah, Dr. P. Mukherji
Country : India

Title :      Glossary of Internet Terms
Author :   Kavita H. Trivedi
Country : India

Title :      Secure Encryption Technique with Keying Based Virtual Energy for Wireless Sensor Networks
Author :   S. P. Santoshkumar, C. B. Sivaparthipan, D. Prabakar, Dr. S. Karthik
Country : India

Title :      An Intrusion Detection System using Data Mining Techniques
Author :   Dr. P. Devaraaju
Country : India

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