ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 10, ISSUE 11, November - 2022

Title : Consumer expectations towards service quality of Organised Retailing
Author :    Pardeep, Dr. Neelam Gulati
Country : India

Title : e-Pharmacy in India: An Exponential Growth Opportunity
Author :    Dr. Shrikrishna Dhale, Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh
Country : India

Title : Service quality and patient satisfaction: Evidence from private corporate hospitals
Author :    Prof. Ravi K. Handa, Sakshi Sharma
Country : India

Title : Production, Performance and Trade of Oryza Sativa (Rice) in India
Author :    Swati
Country : India

Title : Present Scenario of Social Media Marketing
Author :    Kanwal Jeet,Prof. Mukesh Dhunna
Country : India

Title : A Study of Occupational Stress in Different Sectors Banks of Haryana
Author :    Dr. Rajesh
Country : India

Title : NPAs in Indian Banking Sector: An overview
Author :    Sushil Kumar, Prof. Satyawan Baroda
Country : India

Title : The Process of Urbanization in India: A Study of Causes and Effects
Author :    Hitesh Madaan
Country : India

Title : Growing from Hobby and Aptitude towards Technical Skills Acquisition - A Case study of Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Haryana
Author :    Bhawna Chauhan, Dr. Karamvir Sheokand
Country : India

Title : A Study of Digital Education: Initiatives, Purposes and Future
Author :    Savita Rani
Country : India

Title         : Sustainability through Green E-commerce: A New Way
Author(s)  : Dr. Pratibha Bhardwaj, Tamanna
Country    : India

Title: A Review of the Geographic Ecology and Population Change in Haryana

DOI: 10.61161/ijarcsms.v10i11.14

Author(s)  : Sweety Devi

Country    : India

Title: An Empirical Analysis on Application of Financial Analytics in Banking

DOI: 10.61161/ijarcsms.v10i11.15

Author(s)  : Kamal Preet Kaur

Country    : India

Title: Critical Success Factors of the Blockchain in the Pharmaceutical Enterprise Business

DOI: 10.61161/ijarcsms.v10i11.16

Author(s)  : Hariprasad Mandava

Country    : India

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