ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 5, May - 2017

Title : Performance analysis of dynamic Routing in the Divergent Efficient Network Security
Author :   Y. V. Narayana Reddy, E. Raveendra Reddy
Country : India

Title : Efficient Rank Calculation of True Reputation for a Product with a limited number of datasets
Author :   N. S. Adambi, E. Raveendra Reddy
Country : India

Title : The relationship between empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior of staff in youth and sports general office of Tehran
Author :   Ahmad Reza Zohrabi
Country : Iran

Title : A Study on Service Level Agreement Management Techniques in Cloud
Author :   Chandana O R, Divya C, Brunda B V, Rajeshwari B S
Country : India

Title : Artificial Intelligence Applied to Computer Forensics
Author :   Vaishnavi Ganesh
Country : India

Title : Energy Efficient APTEEN Routing Algorithm for increasing the Network Lifespan of MANETs
Author :   V. Veda Sahithi, TS. Suhasini
Country : India

Title : A Study on Effectiveness of HR Practices through HR Audit Pracices of Mando Limited
Author :   Dr. I. Adaikalasamy
Country : India

Title : Providing revolution with Decision Support System in Field of Agriculture
Author :   Shweta C. Meshram, Avinash D. Gawande, Ketki R. Ingole
Country : India

Title : Intrusion Detection Systems for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Author :   Chilakalapudi Meher Babu, Dr. Ashish B. Sasankar
Country : India

Title : The study of an Impact of Individuals' Income on the Perception about Financial, Retail and Premium Services by Indian Post
Author :   Jitendra Patil, Dr. Arvind Chaudhari
Country : India

Title : Performance Evaluation of Reliability, Availability Identification & Dynamic Decision Based Replica Distribution for Cloud Computing
Author :   Sapna Engle, Gaurav Shrivastava
Country : India

Title : Agent Based E-Barter System
Author :   Prince Abraham
Country : India

Title : An overview of Implementation and Acceptance of Janaushadi Programme in India
Author :   Dr. Vivek M. Balse
Country : India

Title : Organisational conflict and its impact on employee absenteeism: A study among women employees working in IT sector, Chennai
Author :   S. Saranya
Country : India

Title : E Commerce Recommendation for limited resource products
Author :   Supriya M C
Country : India

Title : Enhancement of Performance Analysis in Anonymity MANET through Trust-Aware Routing Protocol
Author :   Swetha M S, Dr. Thungamani M, Ankita Mishra
Country : India

Title : An Enriched Framework for Outsourced Computation Evaluation of Frequent Item Set in the Cloud
Author :   Pandit Jyotikumari, Yash Singh, Shailesh Mahanta, D.A. Phalke, Aditi Kalia
Country : India

Title : A Study on Stress level of college students
Author :   S. Sharmila
Country : India

Title : A Study on Consumer Preference towards Organic Food Products in Coimbatore City
Author :   S. Amudha, Dr. M. Kanagarathinam
Country : India

Title : Recasting of Drifts in Education System
Author :   Parichay Durga, Nishi Chachra, Rachna Juyal
Country : India

Title : A Literature Review on Holistic Marketing
Author :   Dr. Payush
Country : India

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