ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 11, ISSUE 3, March - 2023

Title : Increasing Trend of Merger of Banks and it's Consequences
Author :   Dr. Pushp Deep Dagar
Country : India

Title : Trade Competitiveness between India and China
Author :   Dr. Rajwanti Sharma, Megha Vashishth
Country : India

Title : Exploring Barriers in Penetration of New Pension Scheme
Author :   Gunjan Bhayana, Dr. Raj Kumar
Country : India

Title : A Study on Influential Factors of Online Shopping towards Electronic Goods
Author :   Savita, Dr. Renu, Dr. Supriya Dalal
Country : India

Title : Analysis of Quantum Codes over the ring Z11 by (1 − 2ς) – Constacyclic Codes over Z11 + ςZ11, where ς2 = ς
Author :   Meena
Country : India

Title : Mathematics Empowerment among Students: A Research Review
Author :   Sanjay
Country : India

Title : A Review of Indian Workforce Development and Sustainable Skills Ecosystem
Author :   Ruby Gothwal, Neha Nain, Pushpender Gothwal, Gunjan Bhayana, Deepanshi Aggarwal
Country : India

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