ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 7, ISSUE 6, June - 2019

Title : Effect of Merger on Financial Performance of Tech Mahindra Ltd.
Author :    Dr. Nagesh. M. R
Country : India

Title : Bhagwadgita: The hidden truth and essence of Life
Author :    Rachna Juyal
Country : India

Title : Web-based Student Monitoring System with Short Message Service (SMS)
Country : Philippines

Title : A Study to Measure the Perceived Benefits of Social Media by Small Scale Enterprises of Haryana State
Author :    Kiran, Prof. Rishi Chaudhary
Country : India

Title : Influence of Content Marketing on E-Word-Of-Mouth in Organic Products: Evidence from India
Author :    Priyanka Sharma, Dr. Jagdeep Singla
Country : India

Title : Impact of Workplace Happiness and Well- Being on Individual Job Performance
Author :    Bhawana Yadav
Country : India

Title : Investors’ Awareness Level towards Open Ended Mutual Funds: Evidence from the state of Haryana
Author :    Kavita, Dr. Satish Khasa
Country : India

Title : Exploring the barriers in penetration of crop insurance scheme in agriculture sector: Evidence from State of Haryana
Author :    Keshav Kumar, Prof. Rajkumar
Country : India

Title : Study of Job Satisfaction among employees of Automobile Industry
Author :    Pinkal Dhari
Country : India

Title : Measuring the Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Behaviour: With Reference to FMCG Products
Author :    Saloni Agarwal, Dr. Stuti Tripathi
Country : India

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