ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 6, ISSUE 6, June - 2018

Title : Exploratory Data Analysis on Hard Drive Failure Statistics and Prediction
Author :   Shivam Bhardwaj, Akshay Saxena, Achal Nayyar
Country : India

Title : An Analysis of Benefits Related to Cluster Manufacturing Approach on Indian MSME Sector
Author :   Dr. Abhishek Tripathi
Country : India

Title : Design and Fabrication of Agriculture Separator Machine
Author :   Ravi S M
Country : India

Title : A Survey on Non-Contact Heart Rate Measurement from Face Technique
Author :   Bhawna Dwivedi, Pooja Patre, Dipti Verma
Country : India

Title : Energy Efficient Cloud Computing Using Job Scheduling Algorithms: A Systematic Review
Author :   Preetilata Sahu, Dipti Verma
Country : India

Title : Detection of Premature Stage Alzheimer's disease
Author :   Ajay Talele, Priyanka Lodha, Kishori Degaonkar
Country : India

Title : Performance analysis of prostate segmentation algorithms
Author :   Shwetal R. Talole, Kiran B. Ingale
Country : India

Title : An Efficient Multilevel Association Rule Mining Based On Unsupervised Learning
Author :   Prof. Alisha Patel, Prof. Krishna Patel
Country : India

Title : Recognition of Malaria Parasite using Image Processing
Author :   Sayali N. Dharpal, Dr. A. V. Malviya
Country : India

Title : Product Review Using Naive Bayes
Author :   Ashwini Mahendra Raut, Prof. Dhanashree Kulkarni
Country : India

Title : Graphical Authentication System to avoid Shoulder Surfing Attack by using PassMatrix
Author :   Jabbar Ayub Tamboli, Vrushali Desale
Country : India

Title : Impact of Electronic Commerce on Business
Author :    Shweta
Country : India

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