ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 6, June - 2017

Title : Recognition of Handwritten Characters using Binarization, Image segmentation and Correlation Matching Technique
Author :   Monalisa Sarkar, Sirsha Roy, Abhirup Das, Dr. Asoke Nath
Country : India

Title : Relationship between Burnout and Job Satisfaction: A Study on Healthcare Professionals in India
Author :   Dr. Aman Khera
Country : India

Title : Whether NSE Pharma Index Companies Hold High Liquidity?
Author :   Bhanwar Singh
Country : India

Title : Scenario of Rubber Production and Consumption in India
Author :   Vinitha A. S, Dr. Ramalingam L. P
Country : India

Title : An Effective Framwork for Face Recognition using PSO and Eigen Filtration
Author :   Bhagyashree, Dr. G. R. Prasad
Country : India

Title : Need and Advantages of 5G wireless Communication Systems
Author :   Menal Dahiya
Country : India

Title : An Improved Algorithm for Fuzzy Association Rule Mining (IAFARM) Using Grouped Transaction Items
Author :   Dr. N. Balajiraja
Country : India

Title : Secure Multi-keyword Search using OPE over Cloud
Author :   Harshali A. Agutale, Prof. Kanchan M. Varpe
Country : India

Title : A Study on 'ORGO LIFE' Consumers Preference towards Organic Food Products in Pollachi
Author :   Dr. S. Balusamy, M. Aarthi
Country : India

Title : A Study on Leadership Styles of Women Managers in Industrial Sectors: Chennai
Author :   Sindhu Sivan, Dr. K. Sathyamurthi
Country : India

Title : Indexes reduces cost in Query Processing
Author :   Anand Harsha, Roochi Harsha
Country : India

Title : A Self-Management Mobile Information System Model for People Living with HIV/AIDS
Author :   Beatrice Akumba, Tertsegha Tivde, Samera Otor
Country : Nigeria

Title : Web Image Re-ranking Using Semantic Signature
Author :   Jayesh Y. Patil, Prof. Nilesh. R. Wankhade
Country : India

Title : A Code Level Criticality Analysis Model for Test Path Generation
Author :   Kavita, Dr. Priti
Country : India

Title : A Query Mechanism for Influence Maximization on Definite users in Social Networks
Author :   Vidya A. Khairnar, Prof. J. V. Shinde
Country : India

Title : A study of Consumers Attitude towards Organic Products
Author :   Hawa Singh, Rachna
Country : India

Title : Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector in India
Author :   Rachna
Country : India

Title : Boundary Refinement Technique Using Laplace Transform for CT Spine Image Segmentation
Author :   Aditi B. Pardeshi, Prof. J. V. Shinde
Country : India

Title : A Review of Selection strategies in Genetic Algorithm
Author :   Anju Bala
Country : India

Title : Entrepreneurship Model and Traits
Author :   Dr. Ragini Agrawal
Country : India

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