ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1, January - 2019

Title : A Study on Awareness, Perception and Factors Affecting demand of Life Insurance Products with reference to Salaried Individuals in Western Maharashtra
Author :   Dr. Nilesh S. Kulkarni
Country : India

Title : Technical analysis of HDFC Bank Stock Prices: An analytical study
Author :   C Prakash
Country : India

Title : Critical Analysis of Rewards and Recognition System in NTPC, NRHQ Lucknow
Author :   Shalini Singh
Country : India

Title : Absenteesim of College Students
Author :   Dr. R. Manikandan, T. Rajarajeshwari
Country : India

Title : A Study on Work Life Balance among Women Employees in Public Sector Undertaking With Reference to Electronic Industries in Kerala
Author :   Dr. Anila K.P, Dr. V. Krishnaveni
Country : India

Title : Exploring the Factors of Employee Engagement: A study of Retail Sector in India
Author :   Dr. Rajpreet Kaur, Davinder Kaur
Country : India

Title : A Study on Impact of Perceived Organization Support on Work-Family Conflict of IT Sector Employees in Mumbai
Author :   Diya Udasi, Dr. Swati Sabale
Country : India

Title : Estimation of influential factors of Perspective of Job Seekers and Employers in E-Recruitment Process
Author :   Navita Aswal, Dr. Sonia
Country : India

Title : Employers' Feedback on the Job Performance of B.S. Information Technology Graduates of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
Author :   Ellen Jane G. Reyes
Country : Philippines

Title : Impact of Advertising Appeals on Consumer Behaviour of Fast Moving Consumer Goods: A Study in Lucknow City
Author :    Saloni Agarwal, Dr. Stuti Tripathi
Country : India

Title : Analysis of Key Factors of Employee Retention: A Study of Indian Public Industry
Author :    Dr. Smita Verma
Country : India

Title : The Strategies of Faculty Recruitment and Retention at Higher Academic Institutions in Uttar Pradesh
Author :    Prof.(Dr.)V.B.Singh, Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary
Country : India

Title : Financial Inclusion & Impact of Demonetisation through Cooperative Banks in Uttar Pradesh
Author :    Anshoo Dayal Gupta, Dr. V. B. Singh
Country : India

Title : A study of Factor Affecting Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior for Retail Product
Author :    Aradhna, Dr. V. B. Singh
Country : India

Title : Employer Branding and Job Applicant Intention to Apply: An Empirical Investigation from the Academic Landscape in India

Author :    Prof. Rajbir Singh


Country : India

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