ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1, January - 2017

Title : Parking Availability for cars using IOT Technology
Author :   Varun Dilip Changede, Ravindra Sanjay Deore, Ketaki Ravindra Pandit, Vaibhav Muddebihalkar
Country : India

Title : Entrepreneurship Associated with Psychological and Demographic Characteristics in the Food Industry
Author :   Tulin DURUKAN, Cihat KARTAL
Country : Turkey

Title : A Review on Diabetes Mellitus diagnoses using classification on Pima Indian Diabetes Data Set
Author :   R. Sivanesan, K. Devika Rani Dhivya
Country : India

Title : Analysis of SWOT via SAP in Governmental/Non Governmental Organizations in Pakistan
Author :   Sumera Kousar, Ahsan Raza Sattar
Country : Pakistan

Title : An Approach of Speech Recognition System for Desktop Application
Author :   Prof. Shivashankar M. Rampur, Kavita S. Rampur
Country : India

Title : Research Perspectives in Security Threat Detection in Social Media Networks
Author :   Dr. Savita Kumari Sheoran, Pratibha Yadav
Country : India

Title : Influence of Children on Work Performance and Work Continuity of Women Employees in Indian IT Industry
Author :   Manoj Madhav Chavare, Dr. Zartaj Kasmi
Country : India

Title : Comparative Study and Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms AES and RSA
Author :   Harshala B. Pethe, Dr. Subhash R. Pande
Country : India

Title : Social Networking: Advantages, Disadvantages and its use in Job Hunting
Author :   Nikhil Ravindra Vakil, Dr. Zartaj Kasmi
Country : India

Title : Human Activity Detection Using RGBD
Author :   Nisha Tiwari, Bhoopendra Dwivedi
Country : India

Title : A Review on Automatic Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Author :   J. Kamalakumari, Dr. M. Vanitha
Country : India

Title : Issues and Challenges faced in Rural Market Development by (Power Transmission Division) J.K. Fenner India Ltd. (Gujarat Branch)
Author :   Pooja Sharma
Country : India

Title : Comparative Analysis of Arnold-Chaos and Arnold Chaos-RSA Techniques Based Blind Digital Image Watermarking
Author :   Shubhangi Pande, Santosh Varshney
Country : India

Title : Emerging Challenges of Management Education in Indian Perspective
Author :   Dr. Nishikanta Mishra
Country : India

Title : Vodafone Acquisition of Hutch-India: A Turbulent Wave in Indian Telecom Market
Author :   Manish Sharma
Country : India

Title : Co-operative Content Downloading Over Cellular Networks
Author :   Prof. Shital Sungare, Abhishek Gautam, Shubhangi Pandhare, Sayali Chavan
Country : India

Title : Intangible need of Green Computing in Education
Author :   Dr. Mukesh Shrimali, Priyanka Ameta
Country : India

Title : Voice Pathology Identification System using SVM Classifier
Author :   S. C. Punitha, N. A. Sheela Selvakumari
Country : India

Title : Effects of Conflict Management Styles on Job Satisfaction - A Study among women professionals in Chennai City
Author :   S. Saranya
Country : India

Title : Tirupur Textile Employees's Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction at work
Author :   Dr. R. Kanakarathinam
Country : India

Title : USSD *99# Service
Author :   Dr. Rajesh Soni, Dr. Vivek Chaplot, Khatoon Aftab Kathawala
Country : India

Title : Impact of stress factors on college student's Academic performance
Author :   S. Sharmila
Country : India

Title : Financial Performance Analysis: A Case Study of BSNL
Author :   Dr. Faheem Hasan
Country : India

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