ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 2, February - 2017

Title : Trends in Dividend: A Study of Selected IT Companies in India
Author :   Dr. Nagesh. M. R
Country : India

Title : A Survey on Spatial Reusability - Aware Routing in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Author :   Jadhav Mukul S, Prof. Mane Prashant M
Country : India

Title : Prospect of E-Commerce: M-Commerce
Author :   Dr. Anil Khurana, Jyoti Mehra
Country : India

Title : Mining Huge Data with Closed Sequential Pattern Model
Author :   Dr. K. Subramanian, S. Surya
Country : India

Title : Study of Dimensionality Reduction Analysis for Expression Recognition using Principal Component Analysis
Author :   Komal D. Khawale
Country : India

Title : On Demand Virus Scanning
Author :   J. Rajsekhar, V. Harika Naidu, V. Shreya
Country : India

Title : Thriving at Workplace: Quality of Work Life in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
Author :   Siddhartha Shankar Pradhan
Country : India

Title : Microfinance is an Essential Tool for Rural Development
Author :   Rakesh Kumar Panigrahi
Country : India

Title : A Comparative Study on Database Constraints
Author :   Anand Harsha
Country : India

Title : WebRTC based Real-Time Game
Author :   Abhay Katiyar
Country : India

Title : A Survey on Framework for Context Awareness Using Smartphone
Author :   K. H. Walse, Vrushali G. Joshi, Dr. R. V. Dharaskar
Country : India

Title : Financial System in India: A Theoretical Aspect
Author :   Sushila Jangra
Country : India

Title : Explore the Impact of Cloud Computing on ERP Systems used in Small and Medium Enterprises
Author :   Meganathan Ramasamy, Jeyanthi Periasamy
Country : India

Title : Fueling the Future: A look at an alternative fuels in India
Author :   Jed Smedley, Latha P S, Dr. H Lilly Beaulah
Country : United States & India

Title : Changing Work Place Values amongst Generational Cohorts in Indian Public and Private Banks
Author :   Anjana Devi S C, Dr. Aisha M. Sheriff
Country : India

Title : Survey of Reliable PIN confirmation for ATM's using Smartphone and Wearable Devices
Author :   Saurabh S. Sharma, Teja Bhutada
Country : India

Title : Suzlon Acquisition of Repower Systems- An Empirical Case Study
Author :   Manish Sharma
Country : India

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