ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 6, ISSUE 8, August - 2018

Title : Application of chi-square test in social science research
Author :   Dr. Dilip M Patil
Country : India

Title : Financial Inclusion - A Means of Inclusive Growth
Author :   Minija Abraham, Dr. Deepu Jose Sebastine
Country : India

Title : College Student's Satisfaction towards Readymade Apparels
Author :   Dr. R. Manikandan, D. Bhuvanendran
Country : India

Title : Review paper on Semi Automated Hessian Matrix Candidate Selection and other Features Detection Algorithm for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
Author :   Shreya Singh Chauhan, Rekha Gupta
Country : India

Title : Challenges of Small and Micro Enterprise on Public Procurement: The Case of Adigrat City
Author :   Michaele Tewodros, Ahferom Teklay
Country : Ethiopia

Title : Assessment of Warehouse Management Practices in Addis Pharmaciticual Factory
Author :   Ahferom Teklay, Michaele Tewodros
Country : Ethiopia

Title : An Analysis of Banking Efficiency in India: With Reference to Commercial Banks
Author :   Dr. Faheem Hasan
Country : India

Title : Leadership Style of Educational Administrators: A Comparative Study of Higher Education Institutions
Author :   Dr. Mani Shreshtha
Country : India

Title : The Lost Generation in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Novel This Side of Paradise
Author :    Vinita Singh, Dr. Romika Batra
Country : India

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