ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 5, ISSUE 8, August - 2017

Title : Image De-Noising using Wavelets a new proposed Method
Author :   Raja Singh, Ashish Kumar, Sudhanshu Pathak
Country : India

Title : The Role of PLC in Automation and Industrial Applications
Author :   Vaishali Manoj Chavre
Country : India

Title : Understanding Natural Language Processing and its Primary Aspects
Author :   Anurag Roy, Ashin Guha Majumder, Dr. Asoke Nath
Country : India

Title : Stress Management of the academic staff of Private Management Colleges in capital region of UP: A premeditated approach to prospective Strategic Management Interventions (SMI)
Author :   Laxmee Vachher, Dr. Kavita Chauhan, Dr. R. K. Chauhan
Country : India

Title : An Inventory Model for Deterioration Items with Imperfect Production and Price Sensitive Demand under Partial Backlogging
Author :   Gopal Pathak, Vipin Kumar, C. B. Gupta
Country : India

Title : Data Reduction using A Dedplication Aware Resemblance Detection & Elimination Scheme
Author :   K. Lavanya, Dr. A. Sureshbabu
Country : India

Title : Behavioural Finance - A Study with Reference to the Small Individual Investor in Tirunelveli District
Author :   Dr. M. Shunmugathangam
Country : India

Title : Relationship between Demographic Factors and Selection of Life Insurance Company - A Study of Baroda City
Author :   Dr. Ashish K. Desai, Dr. Brijesh S. Patel
Country : India

Title : Role of Hotels in the Promotion of Tourism in Manipur- A Case Study of Select Hotels in Imphal City
Author :   Dr. Chithung Mary Thomas, Waikhom Nichinta Devi
Country : India

Title : Predicting Switching Intentions of the Indian Mobile Consumers
Author :   Rashmi Jain
Country : India

Title : Pattern Retrieval by Using Back Propagation Method on Basis of Non Primitive Features
Author :   Ashu Sharma, Binita Pareek
Country : India

Title : The Impact of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards on Employee's Performance
Author :   Ramya. T, Kaliyamurthy. K
Country : India

Title : Sentiment Sensitive Embeddings with SentiWordNet Lexical Database based Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
Author :   Ram A Dorkar, Joshi S S
Country : India

Title : Adoption of Crypto Encryption Techniques in Different Scenario
Author :   K. Berlin, S. S. Dhenakaran
Country : India

Title : Millennials: The New Generation with High Employment Expectations
Author :   Poonam Arora, Dr. Kavita P. Kshatriya
Country : India

Title : Strategic Acquisition of Piramal Healthcare: An Innovative Methodology to Achieve Performance by Abbott India
Author :   Manish Sharma
Country : United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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