ISSN (Online): 2321 - 7782
ISSN (Print): 2347 - 1778

VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8, August - 2016

Title : Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and Job Satisfaction among the Employees of Select Textile Units in Perundurai
Author :    Dr. P. Paramanandam, S. Selvanayaki
Country : India

Title : Analysis of Thresholding versus Image Fusion Techniques to Change Detection using remote sensing Images
Author :    T. Vignesh, K. K. Thyagharajan, D. Murugan, M. Sakthive, S. Pushparaj
Country : India

Title : Self Organized Security Aware Routing Over Mobile Adhoc Network
Author :    Sunil Dutt, Dr. Anuj Kumar Sharma
Country : India

Title : 3D Marker Based Augmented Reality: Modern Teaching Learning
Author :    Dr. Vivek Chaplot, Mohammad Akram Khan
Country : India

Title : A Performance Analysis on Secure Dynamic Source Routing over Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Author :    Mehak Rani, Dr. Anuj Kumar Sharma
Country : India

Title : A Performance Analysis on IDS based Secure Routing over Ad hoc Networks
Author :    Sweta, Surender Singh
Country : India

Title : A Survey on the Affecting Factors of the Users' Resistance to the Adoption and the Use of the Sydonia System in Public Institutions in D.R. Congo
Author :    Dieudonne Yav Muchail, Maloba Mbuya Firmin, Raphael Kanyembo Lwimba, Patrick Mbwew Katshil, Alain Kabay Moj, Chatty Mwadi Muteba, Jean Mwanza Kasongo
Country : Democratic Republic of the Congo

Title : Deadline Based Resource Provisioning and Scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Workflows on Clouds
Author :    S. Maharajothi, Dr. S. Adaekalavan
Country : India

Title : Identifying Factors Responsible for Children Dropping out of the Elementary School System: Case Study of Urban Areas of the District of Dehradun
Author :    Dr. Raj K. Dhar
Country : India

Title : Convolution Structure of Quaternion Fractional Fourier-Mellin Transform
Author :    Dr. V. D. Sharma, P. B. Deshmukh
Country : India

Title : A Study on Job Satisfaction of Matriculation School Teachers in Namakkal Town
Author :    Dr. G. Suresh, A. Kathirvel
Country : India

Title : Cross Layer Dependencies and Solution for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Author :    Anjali Banga, Surender Singh
Country : India

Title : A Study on the Impact of Occupational Stress on Job Satisfaction and Subjective well-being of Employees in Selected Karur Vysya Bank Branches
Author :    Dr. M. Nirmal
Country : India

Title : Future drifts and Modern Investigation Tests in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author :    L. Thirupathi, G. Rekha
Country : India

Title : Ontology Extraction from Text: Related works between Arabic and English languages
Author :    Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Fatah Belal, Dr. Hala Abdel-Galil, Yasser Mohamed Saber
Country : Egypt

Title : Pattern of Investment and Risk Seeking Behavior among Investors
Author :    Mamta Brahmbhatt, Kavita Shah
Country : India

Title : Managing Business Competitiveness among B-Schools in India through Big Data
Author :    Dr. K. S. Srinivasa Rao, Prof. Chowdari Prasad
Country : India

Title : Handwritten Signature Recognition, Verification using Neural Network
Author :    Doli Yadav, Shruti Goyal
Country : India

Title : Critical Success Factors for the Growth of Organised Retail in Future
Author :    Dr. Mehal Pandya
Country : India

Title : Effectiveness of Workers' Participation in Management in BHEL: A Case Study
Author :    Arun Kumar
Country : India

Title : Port reform in Morocco: which governance?
Author :    Aziz Babouni, Ouail El Imrani, Khalid Azougagh
Country : Morocco

Title : NoSQL Database: An Advanced Way to Store, Analyze and Extract Results From Big Data
Author :    Kaustav Ghosh, Dr. Asoke Nath
Country : India

Title : Emotion and Problem Focused Coping Strategies: A Comparative Study of Male and Female Engineering Students in Chennai City
Author :    S. Sharmila
Country : India

Title : A Study of Performance Evaluation through Cash Management (With Special Reference to Commercial Vehicle Companies)
Author :    Shailendrasinh J. Vaghela, Dr. Urvashiba N. Jhala
Country : India

Title : A study on the analysis of effect of Management Education on effectiveness of Managerial competency
Author :    Prof. Kalagi Shah, Dr. Chetna Parmar
Country : India

Title : Semi Month and Turn of the Month Effect in Indian Stock Market with Reference to NSE Nifty Index
Author :    J. Sudarvel, Dr. R. Velmurugan
Country : India

Title : Enhanced high Utility Item Mining
Author :    K. Surya
Country : India

Title : Hurdles to eliminate the gap between perception and practice of ethics in Hotel Industry
Author :    Chitra Shashidhar
Research Guide : Dr. M. Prakash
Country : India

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